The Best Colleges in Kiambu County

Best Colleges in Kiambu County – Kiambu County is an education linchpin and a dream study destination for many. Besides schools, its flex for many potential employers and proximity to Kenya’s capital are undisputable.
Sadly, selecting the perfect institution puzzles many eyeing the perks of student life in the fruit- splashed town.

Choosing the college to define one’s career path transcends a hurried Google search.
If you are planning on studying in Thika, we have eased the hassle by cherry-picking the finest of
them. Reliable sources pinpoint these colleges as the crème de la crème of Thika Town:


a. Thika Technical Training Institute

TTTI sits alongside the best colleges in Kiambu County. Founded in 1949, the public institution
initially functioned as a servicemen training center. Decades of changeover have seen it climb the
ladder to become a respectable institution churning out thousands of artisans and craftsmen.
Thika Technical Training Institute boasts a lengthy catalog of courses, including engineering,
masonry, criminology, dress-making, and business-related courses, among others. It is located along
General Kago Road, near Thika level 5 Hospital Kenya.

b. Thika Institute of Business Studies

Popularly known as TIBS, Thika Institute of Business Studies was founded in 2003 to support the
GoK’s plan of providing post-secondary education. The institution is licensed to offer various diploma
and certificate courses under different faculties, including engineering, human sciences, business
studies, computer studies, and fashion & design, among others. It is located between Thika Town
and Witeithe Thika Super Highway.

c. Hemland College of Professional and Technical Studies
Hemland College is a private learning institution accredited by the Technical and Vocational
Education and Training Authority (TVETA). The college is licensed to train people in technological,

technical, and professional courses focused on crafting them into self-reliant career persons. The
college is ideal for people looking to pursue artisan, certificate, and diploma courses. It is located at
Kigio Plaza in Thika.

d. Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology

The Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology is a private institution that’s idyllic for people
who wish to pursue the goodies of the hospitality and tourism industry. Founded in 1996, the
tertiary institution has prepared about 9,000 students for the largely leisure industry. The institution
is accredited by the Kenyan Ministry of Education, making it a worthy competitor of the legendary
Utalii College. It is located along Kiboko Road in Thika Town.

e. Jodan College of Technology

Last and first is Jodan College of Technology. Since 2008, Jodan College of Technology has been
preparing future-oriented students for professional careers in various industries, including:

• Information Communication Technology (ICT)
• Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy (Cosmetology)
• Interior Design & Soft Furnishing
• Science Laboratory
• Health Records & Information Management
• Food Production & Beverages
• Culinary Arts
• Plumbing & Pipe Fitting
• Motor Vehicle Mechanics
• Business Management
• Human Resource Management,
• Accounting & Finance
• Accountancy
• Secretarial
• Tourism Management
• Tour Guiding & Travels Management
• Tours & Travel
• Computer Engineering
• Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
• Community Health
• Community Development & Social Work
• Nutrition & Dietetics
• Front Office
• Sign Language
• Interior Design
• Wildlife Management
• Clearing & Forwarding
• Cooperative Management
• Criminal Justice
• Cyber Security
• Forensic Investigation,
• Network & System Administrator
• Corporate Governance
• Data Management & Analysis
• Laundry & Dry Cleaning
• Housekeeping & Accommodation Studies
• Library & Information Science
• Records And Archives Management
• Baking Technology
• Short Courses
• Driving Courses ETC.
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With over 40,000 alums and 80 plus courses, the college ranks among the most reputable colleges in Kenya. It is also famous for being one of the best driving schools in Kenya. For people considering joining a college, Jodan College is one of the best colleges in Kiambu county to join. The tertiary institution is located in Jodan Towers (Elimu Centre) & Alisa Plaza, Kwame Nkrumah Street, Thika Town. Contact Jodan College by clicking this link.


Choosing a college is a lot like purchasing a mattress; high quality is an irreducible minimum. These
top-of-the-range colleges in Thika have proven trustworthy in this aspect. People seeking a good
education within the town’s precincts can bet on these colleges for a superb college experience.