Project Description

Jodan Driving School

Jodan Driving School – The No. 1 Driving School, is a subsidiary of Jodan College of Technology based in Thika town. We are fully registered and approved by the Kenya government, through the NTSA. Our instructors are highly qualified and NTSA certified.

The Driving courses are professional in standards both for Drivers and Riders under the guidance of NTSA curriculum.

Why Jodan Driving School

  • Operation time 8:00AM to 6:00PM
  • Attendance: 2 hours per day or more
  • Free training on basic motor vehicle maintenance
  • Intensive Defensive Driving training
  • Driving license upon completion
A A2 Motor Cycle not exceeding 100cc 15 6,500
  A3 Motor Cycle  Taxi  (Tuk Tuk) 15 10,000
B B1 Light Passenger Car 30 14,500
  B3 Professional Drivers E.g. Taxi/Cab & Executive Drivers 20 13,000
C C Medium Truck 35 14,500
  C1 Light Truck 35 14,500
  CE Trailers  (Articulated)

One should have a valid driving license and a minimum of 5 years driving experience

40 35,000
D D1 Van (P.S.V) 15 13,000
  D2 Bus/ Mini Bus (PSV) 20 13,000
PSV SPECIAL  D1 & D2   Special Package for experienced Matatu drivers seeking PSV Endorsement, “Theory and test only”   13,000
B & C


  Combination of both Saloon vehicles & Lorries at fair rates 40 20,000

PDL @ 1000 All charges inclusive of NTSA exams and one year driving license. No Extra cost