By: Derick Mutembei

Today, I seek to take you through some habits we are afraid to condemn either because they are done by people close to us or maybe we do them as well. Has anyone one of us found themselves is situation where a friend does something irritating but tend to give a blind eye? This is common in the society today and many can attest to this truth. Let us now look deep into five of these habits.

  1. Spitting – Many of you will agree with me this is among the most irritating habits around. Spitting in cases of foul smell is acceptable but then most people tend to do it every two steps while walking. It is a crime by law and “kanjos” would have a field day if they caught you in the act.
  2.  Yawning – While these things come involuntary, there is a need to look at the manner in which we do them. Yawning should be done silently while covering your mouth. I guess no one likes it when someone yawns directly in their face, or do you?
  3. Smoking in public – Not only is this habit bad but also harmful to one’s health. We all know the effects related to smoking raging from lung cancer, asthma, and other breathing complications. The government has set up designated smoking zones in different towns where it can be done without affect non-smokers. People might fail/fear to tell you but be courteous enough to do it alone if you must.
  4. Playing loud music at night – This problem is common among people living in rental houses. It is always good to refresh yourself with music but not at the cost of causing others sleepless nights. I know this can be controlled if we all practiced mutual respect.
  5. Rowdy when drunk – Personally, I don’t take alcohol, and I have seen my close relatives do it in a peaceful way too. Taking alcohol then coming home while yelling is a vice that is annoying and immature. Do you know you could be arrested for this? Yes, the law terms it as being drunk and disorderly.

These are the top 5 among many other unpleasant habits we experience each day. My advice is that, do not cope with habits from friends, neighbors and family that don’t sit well with you. Call them out and this can be the first step in setting healthy boundaries for mutual co-existence.