The campus administration yesterday held an orientation meeting with all first-year students of the January/February intake.

The meeting is part of the curriculum program that aims at preparing students for their lives in campus and general conduct.

In attendance were the Director, Principal, Dean, HODs and lecturers. The guest of honor was Counsellor and Life Coach Wambui Thiga.

“Abstain from pre-marital sexual activities and be wise in all the decisions you make now that you have freedom and away from home. Be responsible comrades who are always doing what they came here to do,” emphasized Life Coach Wambui.

Wambui went on to note and commend the tremendous increase of the number of staff and students as she had been a friend of the school since inception.

The Director, Mr. Simon Makau addressed the keen students on how to make their time at the college the foundation of their lives citing many had excelled by heeding his advice. He continued to ask for accountability and responsibility from all students for a smooth time at the college.

Principal Mabuto winded up the event by thanking all members of staff for their efforts for keeping the college a top institution in the country. He echoed Wambui and Makau about abstinence from sexual and drug abuse.

The students were also told about the ongoing building of Elimu Center by Jodan College, a 14-storey building that the school will soon shift to.

The students were later treated to bites and refreshments.